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PVP Plots

Posted Feb 9, 14
At the start of this current map, pvp plots were re-added to the server. Many people were looking forward to this, as was a few staff members, myself ...
Just a quick news post to update the front page, was getting a bit old having that sale information there wasn't it?

We've updated Creative to be fully running 1.7 so you now have access to all the blocks.

Same goes for Skyblock, though I think this will need some more work over the next week or so. I'd like to update the spawn as well as reset the world. This is not a high priority at the moment as we have another project in the pipeline.

Jim and I are currently working on this along with a help from a few builders on another server in order to get things up and running properly and as quickly as possible. We hope to reveal what it is soon, but don't want to put a time scale on it as we both have a lot of other commitments on besides Minecraft. As soon as it is done, it will be done. 

Keep your eyes on the hub and the big bedrock wall :)

Holiday Sale!

Toroeo Owner posted Dec 22, 13
That's right... we are now announcing our Holiday Sale!

30% off all IN GAME items right through the festive period until the 3rd of January!

and a massive 40% off all ranks and rank upgrades until the 3rd of January!

Head over to to get your discounts now!

So we're back. 

1.7 is on the go.

Most of the teething problems we think are ironed out and plugins are making a comeback as their devs get them updated for 1.7.

Most of the main plugins are back such as DisguiseCraft, NoFall etc. We still have a few more we'd like to get back on and will continue to test these and bring them on line as and when we can!

There were recently some horrific performance issues, we found this was due to a piece of monitoring software running on the machine that we host KiCraft from getting stuck in a loop on itself. This process was terminated and issues were resolved. During that time tweaks were made to the server set up not realising this was the case. So these will be staying as these should be beneficial to the running of the server.

One big change on the plugin front is the addition of ClearLagg. This plugin controls multiple aspects of mob spawning, entities, chunk loading etc. There will be tweaks and changes made to this over the coming days and weeks.

We hope that these all add up to bringing you a smoother KiCraft!

ps - keep your eyes pealed for a sale sometime soon...
lukesrabbits Gold toro it seems I have lost my items in the refresh of spawn as I disconnected at spawn is this right and if so do I get a ...
Toroeo Owner Token shop still requires works unfortunately and sethomes we do not foresee making a return
lukesrabbits Gold is the token shop up yet and will homes be added back

Refresh yo!

Toroeo Owner posted Dec 11, 13
That's right!

We finally got there. Sorry this has been so long in the pipeline!

Initially it took bukkit a long time to release a working server jar for us to use. This length of time is completely understandable due to the huge number of changes in the coding of Minecraft that Mojang made with the most recent update. We thank the bukkit and spigot communities for making this all possible. Without these guys it is unlikely there would ever have been a KiCraft at all.

Anyway, enough of that stuff... the refresh is a complete refresh other than ranks. Most plugins that you have been used to are not running on the server due to incompatibility issues and we wanted to be sure that we have a smoothly running server before we start increasing the work the server has to do. You can rest assured that we will be adding more features as we go, some of these will be old and some will be new.

Please note that initially the map will be very small as well, but we will increase this as numbers demand it.
Toroeo Owner fixed. sorry for delay. not sure what happened there
1stShadow_Walker Member Same as ArchieMorse It Also doesnt show the member ingame?
Toroeo Owner should be fixed now ArchieMorse567, sorry for the delay
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