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Obsidian durability

Posted Jul 19, 14
Hi all just a quick note to let you know that obsidian now takes 5 hits to break instead of 15. You have 10mins in which to deal these 5 hits befor...

PVP Plots!

Posted Jul 17, 14
Are back! same rules more or less as time. 1 plot per team no TNT no chests or other containers build limit of 50 some other stuff too ...
Hi everyone. I have updated the KiCraft faction rules. First & Foremost: Nether raiding. Let's be real. What fun is it to nether raid? It's absol...

KiCraft is back!

Toroeo Owner posted Jul 2, 14
We've updated, we've rebuilt, we've got all new teething problems!

But we're working them out, although this make take a little more time than before as Jim and I are busy IRL and spare time is more precious for us.

We're hoping to sort out more access for some of our longer term admins to make them more autonomous and self serving.

In the meantime we ask that you bear with us and let us know of any bugs in the system you become aware of.


Toroeo xxx

PVP Plots

Posted Feb 9, 14
At the start of this current map, pvp plots were re-added to the server. Many people were looking forward to this, as was a few staff members, myself ...
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